We are a company that specializes in Rentals of LED Panels from 3 mm up to 37 mm, cutting edge equipment, which are great visual trends that have captured the scenography market.

We have 1,000 m² LED panels in the following resolutions:

Indoor Panels:
  • 3 mm (real) SMD Black Ultra Slim Indoor
  • 4 mm (real) SMD White Indoor
  • 5 mm (real) SMD Black Ultra Slim Indoor
  • 7 mm (real) SMD Indoor
  • 10 mm (real) SMD Indoor
Outdoor Panels:
  • 8 mm (real) SMD Outdoor Curved
  • 16 mm (real) Outdoor RGB / 8 mm (virtual)
  • 15 mm (real) SMD Outdoor Flexible
  • 32 mm (real) / 16 mm (virtual) Outdoor RRGB
  • 30 mm (real) SMD Outdoor
  • 37.5 mm (real) Outdoor RGB
  • - Barco ScreenPRO-II HD
  • - Barco ImagePRO-HD
  • - Watch Out
  • - Encore HD
  • - Spider
  • - Small Controller

We have been in this market for 8 years; we have a team of trained professionals and a specialized department for project creation, which is capable of creating the ideal perspective for your event. We operate throughout the country and internationally.


Our mission is to assist and satisfy the customer's needs through high standards of excellence, quality and efficiency


We intend to be a national reference for the LED panel rental and image management market.


We focus on customers, ethics, respect for people, professionalism, innovation, investment in people and social responsibility.